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Milled furniture - enhancing existing spaces

Do you want to give your room a unique character and create a cosy atmosphere? Or are you fed up with boring and rather obvious arrangements dominated by minimalist, smooth as ice - lacquered surfaces? Then milled furniture could be the perfect solution! After all, nothing ennobles a space more than carefully chosen details that catch the eye and create a sense of depth. See how modern fretwork can add character and chic to your room.

milled furniture

Milled furniture - the latest furniture trend for 2024

There is no vacuum in furniture trends. After the long-reigning minimalist and plain fronts, we are increasingly looking for some kind of refinement. The trends for 2024 therefore rely on milled details, which lend nobility and warmth to even the most austere interiors. 

The main advantage of milled furniture? It is their versatility. After all, modern millwork does not impose any style. And even if you are still rather a fan or admirer of minimalism, you will surely find something for yourself in the furniture collections from the Homlando brand

Bevelled fronts - unique ornamentation in a modern way

In the past, milling in furniture-making was associated with a wealth of patterns and ornamentation. Today, the textures of milled furniture are slightly different from traditional patterns and rich ornamentation or classic grooves have been replaced by modern shapes, which are also suitable for minimalist interiors.

What to combine milled fronts with? This type of decoration goes well with black, natural wood, gold, as well as white or écru. You will find exactly such colour suggestions in such collections of the Homlando brand as PETRA, WOODY, RAVENNA or KAIRO. So let's discover the brand's best proposals.

Milled furniture - check out the proposals from the Homlando brand

  • PETRA milled collection

The PETRA collection is a collection of milled furniture, which is a perfect proposition for arranging an elegant living room in glamour style. It is worth noting, for example, the interesting and minimalist decorations, as well as the metal legs in the shade of gold. This collection includes coffee tables, milled RTV cabinets and milled chests of drawers. All available in white, black and light beige (cashmere shade).

  • Milled WABI collection

WABI from Homlando is a collection of milled, wall-mounted RTV cabinets with stylish gold decorations. It is an excellent choice not only for the living room, but also for the bedroom or the youth room. This collection features matt fronts with a 3D effect. The furniture is available in black and white. WABI is a timeless classic with noble embellishments. 

  • RAVENNA milled collection

The RAVENNA collection is an absolute bestseller in the brand's offer. The large selection of milling cutters available and the wide range of products make it possible to create the arrangement of your dreams. In the collection you will find both lamellar milling, which perfectly harmonises with other wooden accessories, as well as more classic and minimalist finishes. An absolute hit is the milled lamella cabinet with a built-in electric fireplace, which will add warmth and an unusual atmosphere to any living room. 

Milled furniture - furniture that adds refinement and warmth

We have already mentioned that milled furniture is extremely versatile and thus does not limit us to one style. How we arrange our dream space depends entirely on our imagination and preferences. Mouldings will work perfectly in the living room, bedroom and study alike.

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