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A sleeper sofa with a bedding compartment and additional storage modules - what are the benefits?

The sofa is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. Not only it is the focal point of the living room, being its showpiece and a place for family or social gatherings, but it can also act as an extremely functional piece of furniture, ready to serve as an extra sleeping place in case of the unexpected arrival of guests. Which sofa should you choose to enjoy both comfort and functionality? What should you pay special attention to when looking for a sofa for a small flat? Check out the latest trends and find a piece of furniture that meets all your requirements!


The sofa - queen of every living room

After a long and exhausting day, it is the sofa that becomes our refuge - a place where we can finally rest, relax, watch our favourite TV series or immerse ourselves in our favourite reading. Having a small flat we often face a difficult task - we want our sofa to be spacious, comfortable and at the same time not take up too much space in the living room. Certainly, choosing a sofa with a sleeping function with a storage box and additional storage modules will be the best solution to maximise the use of space.

A sofa that is also a comfortable bed

Many people fear that they have to choose between beauty and comfort. Nothing could be further from the truth! Contemporary designs offer uncompromising furniture that will be a stylish sofa by day and... an extremely comfortable bed by night.

KRISTI fold-out sofa - a combination of beauty and functionality

An interesting proposal may be the KRISTI sofa bed, which, apart from its tasteful appearance, also offers maximum functionality. When unfolded, the sofa transforms into a comfortable bed measuring 140x200 cm, and the extremely capacious storage module will allow you to fit blankets, pillows or bed linen. This model in a beautiful beige-grey colour is sure to be the highlight of many a daytime living room.

LAZZARI sofa bed - maximum functionality in glamour style

This beautiful sofa in bottle green is the best proof that style can go hand in hand with practicality. The LAZZARI sofa bed, which is equipped with an additional sleeping function and a storage container, is perfect for elegant interiors. The sofa is upholstered in soft velour upholstery that is resistant to abrasion, and the use of corrugated springs and foam makes it turn into a comfortable bed when unfolded. When unfolded, the LAZZARI sofa measures 193x140 cm, which guarantees an optimal sleeping surface.

Sofa with storage function - what to pay attention to?

If you want to buy a piece of furniture that will also be a comfortable bed, pay attention to the sofa's unfolding mechanism, storage capacity and the materials from which the sofa is made. Choose solid springs and good quality foam, which will not only ensure a comfortable sleep, but will also ensure that the furniture retains its shape and will be a practical purchase for many years.

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