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Wooden leg furniture

The most fashionable choice to bring harmony to your interior.

Wooden-legged furniture continues to be popular, both with interior designers and those wishing to add a unique atmosphere to their spaces. Importantly, wood, thanks to its timelessness, fits in well with a variety of design trends. So whether you are a fan or lover of eclectic boho style, appreciate Scandinavian minimalism or simply prefer modern elegance - wooden leg furniture will allow you to create a unique and timeless interior. Particularly fashionable this season are chests of drawers, retro-designed wardrobes, bedside tables that add a warm character to the bedroom, dressing tables and furniture with fluted details, made of wood.

Not yet sure how you can use them in your home? Take a look at the original inspirations from the Homlando brand!

Scandinavian minimalism

Wooden leg furniture is the quintessence of Scandinavian style. Furnishing an interior in this minimalist style will allow you to create a space that is both functional, aesthetically pleasing and infused with natural warmth. Scandinavian minimalism is characterised by simplicity, functionality and the use of light colours and natural materials. Would you like to decorate your interior in Scandinavian style? Here are some tips on what wooden-legged furniture you can be inspired by!

Step 1: Choose a light colour palette

Scandinavian minimalism is based on light, neutral colours such as white, grey and pastels. Walls painted in white or light shades will be a great background for modern furniture on wooden legs, emphasising its natural character. For example, the light sofa from the KRISTI collection in grey and beige on natural wooden legs in brushed oak.

Step 2: Simplicity is the key

Choose furniture with simple, geometric forms. Wooden leg furniture, such as a dining table, coffee table, chairs, sofa or bed, should have a minimalist design that emphasises its natural beauty. A good example is the coffee table supported by wooden legs from the MALIBO collection in a beautiful natural macchiato shade.

Step 3: Take care of the natural extras

In addition to minimalist wooden legs furniture, introduce other elements made of natural materials into your interior. These can include woollen carpets, linen curtains or cotton pillowcases. Natural textures bring warmth and cosiness to a room and work perfectly with wooden accessories. And these are key to Scandinavian minimalism.

Eclectic boho

Looking for something a little crazier, but still close to nature? Opt for a boho style in your interior! In this case, furniture supported by wooden legs will also work perfectly. The boho style is characterised by a wealth of colours, patterns, a variety of textures and cultural accents. Wooden-legged furniture can add warmth and a natural feel to such furnishings. What can you draw inspiration from?

Step 1: Play with colours

The boho style does not like boredom and promotes original combinations. Here you can combine classic wood with pastel pink or strong navy blue, for example. Lacquered trimmings will be an interesting addition, as boho also draws on glamour style. Our proposal is an unusual bedside table supported wooden legs in pastel pink, which will add a touch of nonchalance to your interior.

Step 2: Opt for interesting textures

The more interesting, the better. Mix and match different patterns and colours. After all, wooden leg furniture don't just have to mean strict Scandinavian minimalism. An interesting piece of furniture is the GINAX 190 cm white gloss RTV cabinet with a gold frame, which combines what is characteristic of the boho style: unusual textures and gold.

Step 3: Don't forget the plants

Naturalness is not just the addition of wood! The boho style loves flowers and all kinds of vegetation. Large green leaves, cacti or hanging plants will add a fresh touch to your interior.

Modern elegance

Decorating an interior in the style of modern elegance using wooden leg furniture is a way to create a space that combines simplicity of form, sophisticated aesthetics and subtle details. How do you achieve this effect in your home? Here are some examples!

Step 1: Focus on quality and detail

By opting for modern classics, you can be sure that this is a style that will never go out of fashion. This is also what your furniture should be: timeless and durable. A bed from the RAY collection on natural solid wood is therefore an interesting proposition. The wood is oiled as standard and guarantees timeless quality in your interior.

Step 2: Opt for colourful minimalism

Don't go crazy with colours. Opt for wood, white, grey and black. Certainly a chest of drawers supported by wooden legs in oak craft gold will be a timeless choice.

Step 3: Opt for thoughtful solutions

Don't go crazy with decorations and crazy forms. Timeless classics appreciate quality, subdued and natural.

Do you have any questions about a particular product? Are you inspired by any of our suggestions? Get in touch with us. We will help you select your ideal furniture.

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